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Can't keep up

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm exhausted. I've been to gigs for the last 3 days with only 5 hours of sleep. And now I'm suffering from muscle pains, joint aches, back pains, blisters and feet aches. And supposed to be I'm leaving for Bohol today for another 3-day gig. But I refused to go and just came up with excuses. My body can't keep up with these obligations. My mind mind is telling me to push myself to the limits, but my body is backing up. The only thing inside my mind right now is to get myself some rest and sleep for at least a whole day . . . I'll be back as soon as I regain my energy.


The worst thing that could ever happened!

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm drunk and wasted, been to a gig with my friends. Enjoyed some booze and a few good laughs. Upon arriving home, I immediately turned on my computer to get some updates on my accounts..But to my dismay, there is no internet connection. I don't know what happened, since were just tapping our internet connection from our neighbor( a 50%-50% deal) I'm in a cafe.. trying to get some updates.., I hope our connection will be back tomorrow.... chAo for now... :D



>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At last! I'm done pimp'n my site. It really took me awhile searching for an easy-to-manage 3 column template and some decent photos to be edited for my header. I think the results are good enough since I'm just an amateur on this field. . . Back to posting for me now....cHao.. XD

by the way. . . feel free to leave comment, suggestions or violent reactions on my site's new look.. :D

peace out...



>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yesterday morning, while waiting for my cousin and her colleague at South Bus Terminal. I happened to meet this...

A "TAHO"(Soy Bean Curd) VENDOR

A very common street vendor here in Cebu City. Mostly seen wandering around the streets of Cebu early in the morning peddling their product with an uncommon twist of tune.

What is TAHO?

Taho is a Filipino snack made of processed soy beans in soft gelatin form, mixed with sweet caramel syrup and some tapioca or Sago pearls. You can avail of this healthy snack food for as low as 5 - 10 pesos per cup (depends on the cup size). A very cheap and nutritious treat for young Filipino kids and Adults.

A 5 pesos cup of TAHO which I bought..
Slurps up!! XD LoL...


Affiliation: TresLab Drum and Bugle Corps.

>> Monday, August 24, 2009


TresLab ( Tres Labangon ) Drum and Bugle Corps, established on July 1999 at Labangon St. Cebu City, Philippines. One of the most well known drum and bugle corps of Cebu. Consisting of more than 30 original members. Aside from its trained members, they also have the spirit of brotherhood, camaraderie, cooperation, respect, and unity.

Specializing their skills in their respective fields such as Double Drums, Lyre, Snaire, Bass Drums, timbale and bugles. TresLab DBC delivers its unique way of producing quality music and rhythm in the streets of Cebu City

In the streets with my Double Drum ( Sinulog 2009 )


Affiliation: ALPHA KAPPA RHO

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009


A K P was founded on August 08, 1973 at the University of Santo Tomas, Espana St., Manila, Philippines. Leaded by Bro "Boy" Chua, whose ideas was to form their own brand of fraternity, and with Bro Noli Manalo, Bro Roger Sarmiento, Bro Teddy Aves, Bro Philip Balange, Bro Tanny Bernabe, Bro James Bracewell, Bro Monchet Cabrera, Bro Philip Diman, Bro Renato Go, Bro Teddy De Lara, Bro Arnel (Lim) Lorenzo, Bro Vismark Quequep, Bro Edwin Solano, Bro Ronnie Leuterio and Bro Gil Villegas. The organization was made up of men and woman from all cultures, religious backgrounds and interest and it had spread through out the archipelago and through out the world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race. We maintained loyalty and unity, while we strive for patience, perseverance and pride. The organization was registered with the SECURITIES and EXCHANGE COMMISSION as non-profit and non-dividend Corporation with the name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO BROTHERHOOD ORGANIZATION, INC. dated February 26, 1994 at the P.U.P. main office of ALPHA KAPPA RHO-NCR. The ALPHA KAPPA RHO was the first humanitarian organization to be chartered independent from its mother country.


Its has been almost 5 years since I've joined Alpha Kappa Rho(A K P)Skeptron International Humanitarian Service Fraternity and Sorority(RHO DELTA,Cebu City Chapter).

I could still remember my hardships and trials during my neophyte days. The taste of my sweat mixed with tears while running down my face during my final initiation rites and Seniority rites. After passing all the tests, I can still remember my A K P brothers when they welcomed me as their newly A K P brother, their applauds while shaking their hands with the fraternity handshake and especially the pain of getting the mark of a true SKEPTRON "THE AKP's BURNING SUN" which made me a proud full pledge ALPHA KAPPA RHO Skeptron member.

Almost 36 years had passed and still AKP-SKEPTRON keeps its fire burning, spreading widely in the Philippines (including Universities and Local Communities) and across the globe, helping people and communities with their projects and programs globally.

Some of ALPHA KAPPA RHO's Project and Programs

Recently, ALPHA KAPPA RHO celebrated its 36th ANNIVERSARY last August 08, 2009. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join the celebration because I was busy that day..So here's my late Tribute to ALPHA KAPPA RHO - SKEPTRON

Long Live SKEPTRONS..!


What your Birthday Month means?

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

While updating my Friendster account, I happened to stumble upon one of their applications - the "WHAT YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH MEANS". Feeling curious, i took the test and after i took it, these were the results...

The results were all true...! Especially on the BRAND CONSCIOUS thing! XD...LoL....Cool stuff huh??


Late and Soaked wet!

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

Earlier this afternoon my band (a marching band) had a gig in one of the remote streets here in Cebu for an Opening Salvo celebration. It is a pre-celebration of a community's upcoming fiesta. And there will be a parade where our band will perform to announce to the whole community that their eight days of fiesta celebration has officially opened.

So after I prepared and gathered my stuff, I left the house at around 3:00 pm. Our assembly time was supposed to be from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm. I was confident enough that I wouldn’t be late since our band room is only 20 minutes away from my house and the transportation going there was accessible. As I rode the public utility jeepney(PUJ), a very common means of transportation here in Cebu City, the ride was fine during the first few kilometers, but when the PUJ got near the area of Kamagayan Street, which is near the University of the Visayas, I was shocked to see the heavy flow of traffic building up in front of us. I quickly asked my seatmate what time it was. It was already 3:20 pm!!! I immediately texted my band mates to wait for me because I was stuck in traffic. After several minutes had passed, I finally arrived at my destination and I quickly headed to our band room hoping my band mates waited up for me. But to my dismay, they’ve already headed off without me so I decided to catch up on them. I rode again another PUJ and dropped off to a street that they'd surely pass. I’ve waited for them for a few minutes but I didn’t sense them coming so I asked a bystander if he noticed a marching band passed by earlier. He nodded his head and said YES! Waahhhh!!! I missed them again! Disappointed, I decided to go home. While heading back, (still in the same street where the PUJ dropped me off) I happened to meet a friend who was also in a band. I told him what I had to go through earlier and then suddenly my friend told me that my band is going to play at a nearby chapel located at the street where I was. My face cheered up and thanked my friend for the information. So there I was, waiting again for them. I got myself some snacks and sat on a gutter and had the chance to smoke while waiting for them. What happened next was the last thing I never expected. Raindrops started falling from the sky. What the hell! It’s RAINING!!! I quickly ran to a little shelter while swearing to the rain. Albeit the pouring rain, I patiently waited for them. And suddenly, I sensed them coming. From a distance, I immediately saw my band approaching while still in their parade formation. It was still raining and all of them were soaked with rainwater. They seemed happy about it and didn't care much about getting soaked in the rain. At last! They finally arrived and I quickly approached our band leader and explained why I was late. Our leader considered my excuse and then asked me if I would like to join them in their “wet party”..LoL. And when I was about to refuse his offer, my band mate saw a basin (with rain water) and quickly picked it up and splashed it all over me! That time I was also soaking wet. Left with no choice, I joined them. At that time we were like kids playing in the rain. But we still managed to carry on with the traditional fiesta procession even though the rain was still pouring. After that, we grabbed food for dinner then headed back to our band room to feast on the food.

Still, my day ended well. I enjoyed a good laugh with my band mates. That’s what matters most…

P.S. Now suffering from colds while posting this..LoL….peace out.


All about Me

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey guys im back, now this time i'm gonna share some thing about myself, so here it goes...

I'm June, 22yrs of age and a 4th year college student of Cebu State College of Science and Technology-Main Campus, taking up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology. My hobbies are surfing the net, playing musical instruments, singing, hanging out with friends and a little bit of traveling. I am a member of a Drum and Bugle Corps (TresLab DBC) and a Fraternity (Alpha Kappa Rho) here in Cebu City. My interests revolved around music, arts, traveling, web designing and photography, though I'm still an amateur when it comes to web designing and photography, I'm really trying hard to learn about this things So please bare with me if you're gonna stumble some bad quality pictures in my future posts because I'm only using a low quality camera. The best thing is that i can show you some pictures. Well i think that's all for now....until next time...bye :D



>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is my first time and I don't actually know where and how to start..hehehe...I've been surfing the net since I was in grade school but this Blog thing is really new to me...I even let my cousin(also a blogger)explain it to me..she said it's like a diary or something only it's virtual and open to the public..Am i right?hehe....and she kept convincing me to here i i a blogger now??hehe...can i call myself a blogger now?well..since this is my first time..,I'm gonna share some things about myself on my next blogs to let you guys know some things about me...(*wink) really hope i will enjoy this blogging thing..LoL..peace out..


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