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Broken HDD

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

Its been a week since I last updated on this site. The reason why? My 40Gb Hard disk broke. I know that its capacity is nothing compared to those latest gadgets, but it really helped me a lot. I don't know what happened since my younger brother is the last person who used my computer. He only said to me that the OS wont load anymore and had some error message on it..I can't even reformat it..really sucks.. :c

I'm really sad on it because most of my files were on it. The music files, pictures of our recent adventure and some of my blogging materials. Right now, I am only using a 4Gb HDD...YES! Only 4Gb! Just enough space to install an Operating System. I can't even install a decent photo editor. Instead of a Photoshop CS4, now I'm using Photoscape which have limited features compared to CS4...

I don't know when can I buy a new one since I'm short on cash...Any donations out there? or even secondhands would be a great help.....


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